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Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of full payment. This will secure the agreed services for the date of the event. Equipment cannot be sent out until payment has been made in full. Equipment will only be dispatched to a UK address.


Rental period

The rental period will start two days before the event, to the next working day after the event inclusive. edit my wedding will arrange for delivery of the camcorders via Royal Mail, Next Day Special Delivery. The client agrees to package the equipment in the boxes provided and to return it in the included, pre-paid Royal Mail Special Delivery bag.


Service supplied

edit my wedding will hire the client two, three or four Sony camcorders cameras for the purpose of filming the client's event, and agrees to edit the footage into a final video and a best-of-the-day ‘trailer’.  Delivery to the client will be no later than twelve weeks after the equipment has been received back, and the clients' music and titling and other preferences, have been submitted. Following the completion and delivery of the videos, no further editing will be possible.


In the event of limited availability, reservations are decided on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, validated by full payment.


Loss, damage or theft of equipment

The camcorders will be delivered to the client in good working condition and any major damage, loss or theft of the equipment whilst in their care, will be charged to the client up to a maximum of £150 per camera. In the case of loss, damage or theft of the equipment, the client agrees to contact edit my wedding immediately. We cannot be responsible for the resulting loss of footage.



You agree to indemnify edit my wedding and its employees from and against any and all losses, damages, claims, or liability of any kind whatsoever, including legal expenses, arising from the use, condition (including, without limitation, latent or other defects) or operation of the equipment, and by whosoever used or operated the equipment during the rental term. edit my wedding is not responsible for accident or injury caused directly or indirectly by the use of the rented equipment.


Refunds and Cancellations

In the event of a booking cancellation, a full refund (minus any PayPal fees) is payable up until 28 days before the rental period. Between 14 and 28 days before the rental period starts, a 50% refund is payable. After that time, the payment is non-refundable. If possible, and subject to availability, we are happy to transfer the cancelled booking, including any outstanding payments, to a new date.

Client Responsibility

The client agrees to examine the camcorders before the event and ensure that they are in good working order. If there are any technical or operator issues at this point, the client agrees to raise them with edit my wedding. The client also agrees to return the equipment in the same condition as received; ordinary wear and tear accepted. The client is solely responsible for the equipment, and those who use it, whilst it is in their possession and accepts full responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment. The client is solely responsible for ensuring that the camcorders are filming throughout the course of the wedding day. edit my wedding cannot be held responsible for the lack of footage, poor quality of filming or the loss of memory cards. The client must only share videos via the provided link to the Vimeo website, and assumes all liability for any form of copyright infringement resulting from unauthorized, personal releases.


Our responsibility

In the unlikely event that edit my wedding cannot deliver the agreed services, all fees paid by the client will be immediately refunded. edit my wedding will take the utmost care with every aspect of our service. In the event that circumstances arise that are beyond our control our liability is limited to a full and immediate refund.


edit my wedding will not use any footage for promotional purposes or public display, unless otherwise agreed in advance, in writing. The video is produced for the client's personal, private, in-home use.

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