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I’m interested! Exactly how does it work?

A few days before your wedding, I’ll send you out two, three or four easy-to-use cameras. Then, on the day, you hand them out to your most-trusted, Steven Spielberg wannabes! You enjoy your day while your friends capture all the action. A day or two after the event, mail the cameras back to me. Then I’ll gather all the footage together to create something you and your friends will want to watch over and over again!

Sounds fab! How much does it cost?

Take a look at the packages and pick one that suits your needs: all-in prices start at £349.

When should I book?

As soon as possible ‘to avoid disappointment’! After booking, feel free to contact me at any time if you have a question, or you simply want to satisfy yourself that I won’t forget you (I won't)!

Can I cancel my order for a refund?

You can have a full refund up until four weeks before your wedding (minus PayPal fee). Between four and two weeks ahead there's a 50% refund but after that, the payment is non-refundable. Where possible - subject to availability - I'm happy to reschedule your booking.

What about delivery?

I’ll send the cameras to you by Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery (this is included in the cost). You send them back in the same way: check everything is packed up securely, in the box, slip it into the pre-paid, Royal Mail bag (also included in the cost) the and take the package to any Post Office. Make sure you get a Certificate of Posting.

Are you happy to send cameras abroad?

Not something I offer, right now – sorry. That said, if you’re hosting your wedding in somewhere ‘over there’, I'll mail them to your UK address and you can take them with you. Note that if you're going to need the cameras for more than a week there's probably going to be an additional cost, 

When will we receive the cameras?

Well, if your wedding is on a Saturday, for example, I would mail them out on the previous Monday, meaning they’ll be with you on the Tuesday before your big day.

What if one of the cameras is faulty?

Let me know ASAP and I’ll either send out a replacement or refund you the cost of hiring one of the cameras, whichever you prefer. Check them out as soon as they arrive.

What happens if we lose or damage the camera?

I’m afraid you have to pay for a replacement. As with most consumer electronics, it’s cheaper to replace a camera than to fix it. The cameras are £150 each. They’re light-weight and robust but obviously, they’ll not take kindly to being dunked in beer/the swimming pool or being thrown, dropped or generally mishandled. Normal wear and tear is expected.


Will the cameras arrive come fully charged and ready to go?

Yes! Each camera’s battery gives you around 2 hours’ recording time and the memory card is able to hold more – around 150 minutes. Ill send you some plug-in-the-wall chargers, or you can use any USB charger or PC/laptop's USB socket. Using the supplied charger, a full charge will take around two hours. You can also use the supplied charger to run the camera from the mains socket, just like your phone.

What if I fill the memory card?

The cameras hold around 150 minutes of footage: almost three hours. The secret is to not film continuously. Be selective: only switch on and start recording when there’s something to record. Doing this will preserve your battery life and recording space.

How will my video look?

That will depend on your crack team of camera persons! The camcorders have image stabilization, so do their best to smooth out ‘wobbly bits’, and I can do yet more in the edit. But there’s a limit! Check out our Tip Sheet for some simple advice on what to shoot and how to shoot it. What you can be sure of is that I will make the most of whatever you send me and I'll take great pleasure in crafting it into a film that captures the joy of the day.

How long will my video last?

Another moveable feast! The ‘best-of-the-day’ video will last between three and ten minutes but your ‘feature-length’ film should be in the order of 40 to 80 minutes long. This is somewhat down to your camera team: if they provide mountains of killer footage, that gives me more to work with.

Can I have music on my video?

No problem. And you get to choose whatever you want! Included in the price of your package is a licence which allows you up to 25 minutes of music on your video. Generally, music would be used sparingly on your main video, whilst your ‘best-of-the-day’ short film would usually be entirely set to music.

Can I send you footage and stills from other cameras and phones?

I can accommodate that. But it'll cost you, as it means extra work for me! If you want to do this, please let me know roughly how many minutes of video and/or how many stills you're intending to send and I'll give you a price.  Bear in mind that phone-shot video will probably be of inferior quality, compared to the Sony HD cameras. Also, footage submitted should be shot horizontally: vertical video in a horizontal production looks particularly naff. As for problem. I can integrate pictures into either of the videos, or create a separate slide-show, with titles and music.

Can I ask for changes to the final video?

Once the video has been cut together - and in order to keep prices down - that has to be a ‘no’ but if you have any specific requests about what you definitely want included (or not included); what music you want and where you want it, or anything else, just let me know, either when you book or after the event. 

How long will you take to create my video?

Usually, you'll see your videos within six weeeks of letting me know your music and titling preferences. However, during busing times of the year, it may take up to 12 weeks. These are 'worst case' lead times. Some couples get to see their movies whilst on honeymoon!

How will you send me my finished videos?

Your full-length video and your best-of-the-day ‘trailer' will come on a high-quality, USB3  memory stick, nestled in a special presentation box.

Will you send me all the footage we shot?

Can do. This is an optional extra for an additional cost of £10 per camera hired, or for free, if you supply the stick(s).

Will you put my video on a DVD?

Sorry - this option is no longer available 

Will my video be available online?

Your full-length movie and your best-of-the-day trailer will be available via the vimeo video sharing site. They'll be visible only to you and your friends, via a unique link, that I'll send you.

Do you keep a copy of the videos?

I keep the original unedited files for a month, following completion. I archive a copy of both your full-length and the ‘best-of’ videos, indefinitely. Also, they’ll remain available online for ever (if not, longer) unless you request that I take them down.

Can I use your services to cover other events - not just weddings?

I'm so glad you asked that! You can hire my cameras for any occasion you care to mention: Christenings, family birthdays, children’s parties, company away days, bar mitzvahs, Diwali…you name it! You shoot it, I'll edit. Package prices are the same as for weddings.

When do you need the cameras back?

As soon as possible, please! Say, two or three days after the event. If you’re off on your honeymoon, please delegate!


Where do I send the cameras, when I’m done?

Send them back by Special Delivery, using the supplied pre-paid Royal Mail bag to me:  


Martin Peters

11 Filbert Drive


RG31 5DZ

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