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Playing Video Files

Video files are HUGE; so huge, I had to write in capitals!

Just one minute of high definition footage will consume around 200MB of memory space. By comparison, your mp3 player could store around three hours of high-quality music, in the same space!

Say you filled the memory card of only one camera - that's 32GB of data. That massive files - even if you have a good broadband connection - would take around a couple of hours to download. Worse still, it would take me around 24 hours to upload (ain't gonna happen). 

And another thing! In the good old days, you could play your camcorder tapes back, and watch all the scenes you recorded, in one hit. Nowadays, each time you press the camcorder's RECORD button, a separate file is burnt onto the memory card. The upshot of this is that when you watch the your 'entire footage' collection, you'll be having to hit the PLAY NEXT button a lot.

To get around this, I can definitely recommend that you download a little program called VLC Player. Once installed, you can elect to play all the files, one after another, so you can relax. Always happy to help if you need some assistance on how to do this.

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