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FOR 2024!

Your special day

Filmed by you - Edited by us


Thanks for stopping by. If you're getting married, and thinking of having a video of your very special day, read on...


Although it doesn't take a genius to film, upload and share footage of your big day, the reality is that people rarely get around to finishing the job. The video just stays in the camera or phone, for a bit, and then gets deleted. The chances of everyone pooling their efforts, are almost nil. Added to which, camera phones are usually already full of apps, pictures and video, leaving little space for anything but a few minutes' recording time. 


At the other end of the scale, there are the professional Wedding Videographers out there who will provide a splendid, end-to-end service, but with a price-tag to match.


But there is another way. I believe (and I'm really hoping that you'll agree) that together we can create a truly personal and memorable video of your wedding; filmed by your friends and then professionally edited by me, including stills, titles and the music of your choice. Lovely!


What makes edit my wedding videos so personal? It's that when friends film friends, from the preparations to the after-party, everyone's relaxed and up for a laugh; perfect for capturing those special moments. Contrast that with traditional wedding videos that concentrate on the ceremony and the speeches, with everyone on their best behaviour!


I'll send you two, three or four really easy-to-use, high-definition Sony cameras. Hand them out to your guests so you can enjoy yourself as they capture all the joy of the day. Then simply return the cameras and I'll produce a full-length movie, plus a three-minute, best-of-the-day 'trailer'.

I'm a former BBC Video Editor with over sixteen years’ experience. Rest assured: you’ll be delighted with the end result!  


Interested? Then please rootle around the website and don't hesitate to get in touch if you think I can help.

Two Cameras
and Editing

Two Sony HD Cameras plus a feature-length movie and a 'best-of-the-day' trailer

Three Cameras
and Editing

Three Sony HD Cameras plus a feature-length movie and a 'best-of-the-day' trailer

Four Cameras
and Editing

Four Sony HD Cameras plus a feature-length movie and a 'best-of-the-day' trailer

Two Cameras
no Editing

Two Sony HD Cameras. No editing

Your footage delivered

on USB memory stick

Video Editing Services
Anchor 1
Sample Videos
Scroll down to enjoy a selection of our short-form videos. If you'd like to see some full-length movies, just drop me a line and I'll send you the link. 

"We're so impressed with the edit of our wedding. It was exactly what we wanted and is perfectly put together. Thank you so much."

"The video you made is incredible. We love it, you found all the best bits. We've watched it so many times." 


"...will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for this type of thing!​"

"Thank you so much, its brilliant and made us laugh and cry."


"Brought back all the memories of our special day xx"

"Absolutely fantastic! We are so so happy with our videos." 

"Perfect editing, brilliant communication and fast service. Can't recommend you highly enough! Thank you!"

"Everyone loves it and the quality is great!"

"...thank you for all the hard work....will definitely use

your services again."

"'ve done such an incredible job and really happy that we found you."

"So fantastic! We smiled the whole way through and it's something we'll treasure forever! Thank you so much."


Let's talk

If you'd like to get in touch, please just use the contact form below and drop me a line. Thanks!

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